Reserve Management Plan Review Process

Manawatu District Council has over 70 reserves that it owns or manages.

One of the responsibilities of the Council under the Reserves Act 1977 is to manage these reserves efficiently both now and in the future. As required by the Reserves Act, these reserves are managed and developed by the Council according to reserve management plans. Reserve management plans provide a framework for decisions on the management and development of reserves, and are subject to continuous review to adapt to changing circumstances or increased knowledge about the reserves.

From time to time, a more comprehensive review is required. Because the current reserve management plans were finalised from between 2001 and 2009, the Council has resolved to carry out a review process over the next two years.

More information about why we are doing the Reserve Management Plan review and why we have Reserve Management Plans can be found here (240KB pdf).

We need your suggestions and ideas

The review process is outlined in the Reserves Act and requires public notification and a submission process. A structure of the review process can be found here (20KB pdf).

Manawatu District Council, under s41 of the Reserves Act 1997, kicks off the review by inviting written suggestions on the use, enjoyment, maintenance, protection, preservation and development of the reserves and their natural, cultural, heritage and recreational values over the next 10 years.

All suggestions received will be considered for inclusion in the draft Reserve Management Plans. Once the draft management plans have been developed they will be made available for public submission before being finalised.

Kowhai Park has its own management plan, and other reserves are grouped according to some commonality. They are available for download below:

Consultation closed on Monday, 12 February 2018