Amendments to the Resource Management Act 1991 Fees and Charges

Recent amendments to the Resource Management Act 1991 have created additional activities which require associated charges.

These include:

  • Boundary activities (under section 87BA) - Council must exempt ‘boundary activities’ from needing a resource consent if neighbour approval is provided.
  • Marginal/temporary breaches (under section 87BB) - Council may exempt 'marginal or temporary breaches' activities from needing resource consent.

These activities come into effect on 18 October 2017, and in order for Council to recover costs associated with the processing of these applications fees need to be set.

As these are new activities a lodgement fee structure is considered appropriate to ensure that the fair costs associated with processing the application are paid.

Description of the proposal

The proposed fees are a lodgement fee, with the total cost of processing the application determined at the end of the process. It is proposed that the existing hourly rates specified in the schedule of fees and charges are used.

Proposed fees

  • Boundary activities - lodgement fee $300
  • Marginal or temporary activities - lodgement fee $300

Click here to download a Summary and Submission Form (240KB pdf)

Click here to download the Statement of Proposal (100KB pdf)

Submissions closed on Friday, 20 October 2017