Proposed Plan Change 51

Growth Precinct 4 & New District Plan Structure

Project Status: Calling for Further Submissions

Project Summary

Council is proposing changes to the District Plan to enable the development of Feilding’s Growth Precinct 4.

Located to the North of Feilding, Precinct 4 is 256ha in size and is estimated to enable 1700 new households to provide for Feilding growth.

Precinct 4 Structure PlanPlan Change 51 introduces new objectives and policies for subdivision and development covering dwellings, fencing, non-residential activities, retirement living and multi-unit residential development within the Precinct 4 area.

Plan Change 51 also includes:

  • the removal of the Feilding Locality Nodal Zone – Appendix 5A Diagram 1.
  • a proposal to establish a new document structure to the District Plan document.
  • minor amendments to District Plan Rules 3B.4.2 and 3B.4.3 that relate to vehicle access requirements.

Calling for Further Submissions

Council is now calling for Further Submissions on the original submissions received on Proposed Plan Change 51.

A further submission allows people to support or oppose other people’s submissions, to comment on how a submission may impact you, and to have your views heard alongside the original submission. Further submissions are limited to a matter in support of, or opposition to, an original submission.

The closing date for making Further Submissions was 5pm, Thursday 27 June 2019.

Viewing of the Summary of Decisions Requested

The summary of decisions requested in the original submissions, as well as the original submissions themselves, are available for inspection at the following locations, when these facilities are open to the public:

  • Manawatu District Council, 135 Manchester Street, Feilding
  • Feilding Public Library, 60 Stafford Street, Feilding.

Want to know more?

Click the following links to view the proposed changes to the District Plan:

Original Submission Period

Council notified Plan Change 51 on 1 May 2019. Submissions closed at 5pm 31 May 2019.

Click here to view the original submission information, including details of the proposed changes.