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Welcome to the Manawatu District Council's dedicated consultation site. Public Consultations are your opportunity to give us feedback on a wide-variety of issues before they are finalised by Council. In some cases your feedback may be requested on several occasions before it is finalised.

We advertise through various mediums when a public consultation period is open. You can also check this site to see what we are currently consulting on.

Our staff are happy to assist with any questions you may have prior to making a submission. Their contact details will be listed with each issue.

We have the following topics available for consultation:

Walking & Cycling Strategy

Walking and cycling is a key element of our transport network, whether it’s for leisure, commuting, or recreational purposes. Council invests in improved infrastructure across our District, which includes developing and maintaining walking and cycling infrastructure.

Consultation with the community during the development of the Council’s Long-Term Plan (2018-2028) included multiple requests for improved walking and cycling facilities across the District. Based on the community feedback, we have committed to developing a new Walking and Cycling Strategy that will create a future vision for walking and cycling within the Manawatū District.

Click here for more details, including how you can provide feedback.

Feilding Town Centre 2040

What will the Feilding Town Centre be like in 2040? How do you imagine Feilding should be in the future?

We have now completed over 6 weeks of consultation with the community to help us to create a vision for the Feilding Town Centre 2040. The vision will guide Council, businesses, and the community, and will provide confidence that our town centre is relevant, vibrant, and welcoming to our future selves.

Please click here to see the results so far and how we got there (2.5MB pdf), or click here to view the original consultation pages.

The next steps for the project will be to analyse all of the feedback we have been given. It is our intention to bring a vision for the Feilding Town Centre 2040 to the community later in 2019.

To all Manawatū community members who contributed ideas and feedback, THANK YOU! We will keep you in the loop as the project progresses.

Plan Change 52 & 55

Decisions of the Hearing Committee

Click here for more information and document downloads.

Updated: 26 June 2017 - Three appeals have been received on Plan Change 55, click here for more information.

Plan Change 60

Decisions of the Hearing Committee and Requiring Authorities

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