Draft Plan Change 51 (Growth Precinct 4)

Development of Draft Plan Change 51 (Growth Precinct 4) has progressed after hearing your comments on the working draft provisions earlier this year. Council has further developed the residential and subdivision rules that will apply to this area of Feilding in the future.

Council is also proposing to update the overall structure of the District Plan now to help with the readability and use of the Plan while the Sectional District Plan Review process continues. This is now part of Draft Proposed Plan Change 51.

What are the proposed changes?

A full list of the changes identified by Draft Plan Change 51 (Growth Precinct 4) is included below:

  1. Introduction of a new Chapter 15 Residential Zone for Growth Precinct 4.
  2. Introduction of a new Chapter 8 Subdivision for Growth Precinct 4, including structure plan for the Growth Precinct 4 area.
  3. New definitions for:
    1. Permeable surface
    2. Open construction
    3. Home occupation
    4. Retirement village
    5. Essential infrastructure
    Note: the new definitions are included in the new chapters as footnotes.
  4. Amendment of the definition of Assisted Living Accommodation. Note the amendment is included in the new chapters as a footnote.
  5. Inserting a cross reference in Chapter 3A to the new Chapter 8 Subdivision proposed policy 2.7 and Rule 8.4.1.g.i.
  6. Removal of the Feilding Locality Nodal Zone – Appendix 5A Diagram 1.
  7. Amendment of the Planning Maps to reflect the change of zoning from Rural and Recreation to Residential Zone and where appropriate, Recreation Zone near the Makino Stream.
  8. Introduction of the new District Plan structure introduced in Plan Change 46 throughout the entirety of the District Plan. This includes new headings, sections and page numbering.
  9. Introduction of a Part 1 and Part 2 to the District Plan to differentiate between reviewed chapters and unreviewed sections of the Operative District Plan.
  10. The updating all cross referencing from page numbers in the Operative District Plan to chapters (in the new structure of the District Plan) or sections (which is the structure of the old District Plan).
  11. Update to the District Plan appendices so that numbering in new chapters introduced in the Plan are consistent.
  12. Minor amendments to Rules 3B.4.3 Access - Standards for Permitted Activities to improve clarity and plan administration. Amendments are required to Rule 3B.4.3 to clarify that the new access standard applies only to Arterial Roads and to include the term 'location' along with new provisions for all roads. A related amendment is the introduction of a new rule to specify that formation and upgrading of vehicle crossings are to be in accordance with Council engineering standards. The term Special Use Access is also clarified.


Have Your Say

Feedback on Draft Plan Change 51 (Growth Precinct 4) closed on 19 November 2018.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about Council’s plans for Precinct 4 or wish to discuss how the residential and subdivision provisions may affect you and/or your property development intentions, please contact one of our Policy Planners on 06 323 0000.