Help us design Feilding Growth Precinct 4

Manawatu Council is working together with landowners, developers, iwi and hapu to collaboratively decide what the Pharazyn Street area – which could provide housing for more than 1700 people – should look like.

Work on the Precinct 4 growth area has moved into the master planning phase – modelling what the area could actually look like. This includes looking at how and where to place commercial areas and open space, the internal roading network and community and recreation facilities, what housing types should be provided, and where are the areas of natural and cultural features that need to be protected.

What is being proposed?

Click the links below to view the current proposal:

We would like your feedback on the following topics and questions:


  • What would you like to see in terms of transport options?
  • What are you views on the internal roading network?
  • What Public Transport services should be provided? Bustops?
  • Any other comments

Parks and Reserves, Open Space

  • How would you like to access and use the Makino Stream?
  • Is there enough recreation and open space proposed? Should there be more or less?
  • Are there any natural and cultural features that you think need to be protected?
  • Any other comments?

Community Facilities and Housing

  • What kind of community and recreation facilities would you like to see in the area?
  • Where would you place the commercial areas?
  • What housing types should be provided?
  • Any other comments?

Want to know more?

Click here to view the Feilding Urban Growth Framework Plan (5.5MB pdf) - adopted May 2013

To discuss how the Planning Proposal for Precinct 4 might affect you, contact Senior Policy Planner Cynthia Ward - or phone: (06) 323 0000