Feilding Town Centre 2040

The Feedback So Far (3 December 2018)

Senior workshopPublic consultation began on 9th of October 2018. As at 3 December we have had:

  • 6 public workshops, including with Manawatū Youth Ambassadors, Senior citizens, and the Business Community
  • 12 Community Committee workshops and a Nga Manu Taiko Committee workshop,
  • 2 stalls at the Feilding Farmers Market
  • (and there are still lots of opportunities for your input)

From these sessions we have received a total of 2953 sticky notes full of ideas and feedback on what you like and what you want to change about Feilding, and 899 feedback points on the 3 other themed questions (see below). We’ve also had a few lively Facebook conversations. All of the feedback so far has been summarised below.

Our submission period is open until the 18th of January. As the feedback comes in we will incorporate it into what we have so far. New themes may emerge or priorities may shift as we get more input.

All of these community ideas will contribute to a community vision for Feilding 2040. The development of this vision will involve further discussion with the community in early 2019.

(A note on how we have analysed all the feedback: The bullet points in the table below are those that showed up in at least 10 post-it notes. The points/ideas that were repeated 20 or more times are in bold. If an idea/point was repeated less than ten times it doesn’t appear in Table 1. Note: originally we were including points that showed up in 4 or more post-its and 10 or more were bold. We have increased these numbers to 10 and 20 respectively due to the large numbers of post-its we have received.)

For this update, new info is included in BLUE.

Part 1

Table 1: Summary of feedback received (as at 3 December 2018)

Theme Q.1 - What we like (existing) Q.2 - What we want to change (future) Feedback summary
  • Saleyards
  • Clock Tower
  • Friday market
  • Library
  • Manchester Square
  • Statues/sculptures/memorials
  • Manfeild
  • Focal Point
  • Public toilets
  • Youth focussed events and activities
  • CBD residential options
  • CBD seats and tables
  • A youth hub
  • CBD visitor accommodation options

Over the course of the consultation period, the consistent theme has been the desire for a more sociable town centre. A lot of the feedback has specified youth-focussed options, but there was also many suggestions for all-age activities as well as places to sit and relax in the CBD.

There is also a high degree of interest in the idea of accommodation in the CBD – both residential and visitor.


No significant change from last time

  • No traffic (good flow, roundabouts, no traffic lights)
  • Simple and easily accessible
  • Good walking access, everything within easy reach
  • Compact
  • Make the CBD (or certain areas) pedestrian only
  • Cycle lanes - Generally more cycle friendly, more tracks/facilities
  • Courtesy crossings cause confusion
  • Improve traffic flow especially around the town end of Kimbolton Road. Congestion problems.
  • More public transport options in and around Feilding

The accessibility theme time remained fairly consistent however this time there was less focus on wide and accessible footpaths.

The main ideas were:

  • A pedestrian- only (or similar) CBD
  • More cycling infrastructure
  • Public transport options

No significant change from last time

  • Pretty gardens
  • Open spaces
  • Tidy, clean and well maintained
  • Green spaces/trees
  • Pride in the Square
  • Pavement design
  • Expressions of our Māori heritage
  • Art and cultural elements
  • Consider both practical and creative lighting in the CBD

There was no substantial change in the themes identified for the CBD last time. The themes have remained:

  • Enjoyment of flowers/gardens/ green and open spaces
  • Tidy, clean and well maintained
  • Desire for more art and culture (including Māori) features

The only addition was several comments that appreciated the pavement design/brick work.


No significant change from last time

  • General positive enthusiasm for events currently held in the CBD
  • Regular events
  • Live music events/ festivals

Continuing enthusiasm for the current events in the CBD and a desire to see more.


No significant change from last time

  • Lots of (free) parking
  • More CBD parking
  • Provide parking for CBD staff
  • Suggestions for possible parking restrictions in the future

There is a high level of support for keeping CBD parking free. (This continues)

There continues to be 2 “camps” to this issue: Camp 1: “The parking is awesome!” and Camp 2: “The parking is terrible!”


No significant change from last time

  • Heritage character of the buildings
  • Keep the Feilding Hotel
  • Keep Facades
  • Keep Terry Urquhart building
  • Keep and restore heritage
  • Modernise
  • Facades are important to retain (they need a good clean up)

The majority of feedback continues to be in support of keeping and restoring heritage.

Support for modernising Feilding has increased in this round.


No significant change from last time

  • Friendly Feilding
  • Rural feel
  • No significant change from last time
  • Refer to “what we want to be known for” below

Respondents identify with the “Friendly Feilding” slogan.

Feedback suggests that we also want a family friendly, inclusive, and safe community.

  • Positive shopping experience (compact, central, helpful staff, everything you need, good range)
  • Preference for privately-owned (small businesses, boutique) stores in CBD
  • Big box stores on the outskirts of town

The key themes arising are:

  • Fill up empty shops
  • The Retail is too spread out
  • Need more variety of shops

There was less input on this theme this round however of those that did comment on shopping there was several that expressed the desire to fill up the empty shops.


No significant change from last time

  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Good variety
  • Less feedback on food outlets this time although general support for more cafes and restaurants.

The themes remain the same... Generally there is support for the current mix and variety of food available in the CBD.

Some out “out of the box” ideas... (keep them coming!!)

Wordcloud showing out of the box ideas

Q.3 - “What would you like Feilding’s Town Centre to be known for in the future?”

Some feedback included built features, amenities, infrastructure or events. Other feedback related to the character of buildings or the “look” of the Town. This feedback was incorporated into questions 1 and 2 (above) because the nature of the feedback was consistent with those questions.

Since the last update, the themes have focussed on:

  • A friendly and inclusive community
  • Rural pride
  • Vibrant / fun
  • Safe

Part 2

The feedback that has come from the Community Workshops (rural, urban, young, old, general public, business community…) has been pretty consistent throughout the consultation period:

THEME 1: Look and Feel of Feilding’s Town Centre

  • We value the town’s heritage and have an emotional attachment to some buildings.
  • There is a desire for authentic restoration of heritage buildings and a dislike for new buildings that are ‘fake heritage.’
  • There was some support for having a mix of heritage and modern buildings. However, new buildings need to be done well, based on design guidelines.
  • There is a strong desire to fill vacant buildings and a general desire to ‘spruce up’ or revitalise existing buildings in the CBD.
  • We value the historic facades
  • Buildings of particular importance in the Feilding CBD
    • The Feilding Hotel
    • The Terry Urquhart Building
    • The Saleyards
    • Smiths Corner

THEME 2: What uses do we want in Feilding’s Town Centre?

  • A lively, social town culture
  • An openness to the idea of residential use of the CBD but some questions around the practicalities
  • Individual/boutique shops. “Big box”. Mixed views.
  • All age-friendly

THEME 3: Getting around Feilding’s Town Centre - transport & infrastructure

  • Public transport options
  • Parking - Keep free vs. introduction of restrictions. Central availability. Parking building? Reduce heavy traffic through town
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Provision for cyclists

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