Draft Waste Management Minimisation Plan 2016

Manawatu District Council is required under the Waste Minimisation Act (2008), to adopt a Waste Management Minimisation Plan (Plan) at least every six years for the purpose of enabling the effective and efficient management of waste (rubbish) within the district.

The plan outlines how we will manage and minimise waste throughout the District. We want to reduce the impact of waste on the environment as much as we can by providing effective, efficient services, encouragement and advice.

Council has seen the draft Plan and has approved it for public consultation. The draft Plan recommends the continuation of the present levels of service. A number of new initiatives are proposed which will further increase the volume of items recycled and will further reduce the volume of waste being either burnt or going to landfill.

Here are our headlines. We are proposing:

  • Kerbside kitchen food waste collection – Feilding residential area
  • Village kerbside recycling service using wheelie bins and crates
  • Additional mobile recycling centres if above village kerbside initiative is not supported (Halcombe and Apiti only)
  • Targeted education to facilitate greater levels of off-farm solid waste disposal and recycling of inorganic agricultural wastes

Document Downloads

  • Click here to download the Draft Waste Management Minimisation Plan (2.4MB pdf)
  • Click here to download the Summary Statement of Proposal (530KB pdf)

Submissions closed on Friday, 28 April 2017