District Plan Review

Draft Plan Change 64: Boarding, Breeding and Training Kennels

As part of the ongoing review of the Manawatu District Plan, the Council is reviewing the rules that determine when a resource consent is required to keep dogs on a property.

The Manawatu District Plan currently requires any person having more than two dogs (excluding farm working dogs and puppies) on a property to obtain a resource consent for a discretionary activity.

The Council is proposing to remove this District Plan rule and is initiating early consultation on changes to the approach for how boarding, breeding and training kennels are managed in the District.

What are the proposed changes?

A full list of the changes sought by Draft Plan Change 64 is included below:

  1. Introduction of a new chapter 3H: Boarding, Breeding and Training Kennels which includes a new issue, objective, policies and rules for the management of boarding, breeding and training kennels.
  2. Remove the existing definition of ‘kennels’ in the District Plan.
  3. Insert a new definition for ‘boarding, breeding and training kennels’.
  4. Consequential amendments to definitions which already contain reference to kennels (inserting the words ‘boarding, breeding and training’ before the word ‘kennels’):
    1. Farm Buildings
    2. Farming
    3. Home Occupation
    4. Intensive Farming
  5. Include the One Plan definition of Flood Hazard Avoidance.
  6. Consequential amendment to the Explanation for the Rural Zone and Nodal Areas in Section 4 of the District Plan to remove reference to kennels as a non-complying activity in the Nodal Areas.
  7. Consequential amendment to Section 3B Car Parking standards to make consistent the name of boarding, breeding and training kennels, and to state that car parks are required for kennels of six or more dogs.
  8. Insert a new performance standard for permitted and controlled activities in the Rural Zone, Nodal Areas, and Flood Channel Zone to meet a separation distance of 100m from any noise sensitive activity not located on the same site in different ownership.


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Feedback closed on 18 January 2019.

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If you would like to know more about Draft Plan Change 64 or wish to discuss how the plan change may affect you, please contact one of our Policy Planners on 06 323 0000.