District Plan Review

Draft Plan Change 61: Hazardous Substances and Contaminated Land

Every Council has to write and produce a District Plan and then review it every 10 years. A lot can happen in 10 years - different development pressures emerge, economic situations change, legislative changes are enacted and new issues need to be taken into account. The Manawatu District Council is reviewing our District Plan in sections.

As part of the District Plan Review, the Council is seeking feedback on Draft Plan Change 61: Hazardous Substances and Contaminated Land. Feedback on Draft Plan Change 61 will help to identify if the District Plan needs any additional measures to manage hazardous substances and contaminated land in the District.

The Council is looking for feedback from key stakeholders before we go through the formal public consultation process under the Resource Management Act (1991). The feedback will be considered when drafting the Proposed Plan Change 61 for public notification next year.

What are the proposed changes?

Hazardous Substances

Council’s existing District Plan became operative in 2002. The information about Hazardous Substances reflects the laws that were in place at that time. Laws have since changed and our District Plan needs to reflect these changes. We think it is appropriate to:

  • Clarify Council’s role regarding use of land for storage, use, disposal or transportation of hazardous substances.
  • Ensure the District Plan recognises other legislation and regulations e.g. Health and Safety and New Organisms (HSNO) Act 1996.
  • Give effect to the One Plan.
  • Develop rules regarding Major Hazardous Facilities and managing the cumulative effects of hazardous facilities.

Contaminated Land

Council’s are obliged to observe and enforce the National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in the Soil to Protect Human Health (NES). The NES regulates land use and soil disturbance where land is or has been previously used for a hazardous activity or industry. Council receives and processes applications made under the NES. We think it is appropriate to:

  • Clarify Council’s role in preventing or mitigating any adverse effects associated with developing, subdividing or using contaminated land.
  • Ensure the District Plan recognises the rules in the NES.
  • Give effect to the One Plan.
  • Provide guidance to District Plan users to assist with assessing activities under the NES.

Please be mindful that the way the Council receives and processes enquiries or applications for activities on contaminated land will not change as a result of Draft PC61. Draft PC61 merely reiterates the Council’s obligations under the NES.

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