District Plan Review - Draft Plan Change 53

Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes

The Manawatu District is home to a vast range of natural features and landscapes worthy of recognition and protection - from the deep, meandering river valleys of the Rangitikei River, to the expansive and densely vegetated Ruahine Ranges and the extensive, undeveloped coastal foredunes of the Manawatu coastline.

Natural features and landscapes in the District have a range of attributes that makes them visually appealing. These include physical features like indigenous vegetation, natural watercourses and natural landforms, and also include historical associations with a place.

We are required to protect Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes, as they are considered nationally important under both the Resource Management Act and the Horizons One Plan.

What has been done?

We consulted on issues and options for Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes in May-July 2015. Council undertook a landscape assessment and identified local areas that qualify as outstanding or significant amenity features and landscapes.

The characteristics and values of each area will be included as an appendix to the District Plan. This will help landowners and plan users understand what makes these areas special to the Manawatū District and which characteristics and values need to be protected in each area.

What are the proposed changes?

New resource management objectives and policies for Natural Features and Landscapes will be introduced to:

  • Ensure the characteristics and values of Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes are protected from the adverse effects of inappropriate subdivision, use and development.
  • Ensure the characteristics and values of Significant Amenity Features and Landscapes are maintained and, where possible, enhanced.

This will be achieved by proposing some rules in the District Plan, in addition to those that apply to the wider Rural Zone, to:

  • Control the type and size of buildings and structures located within an Outstanding Natural Feature or Landscape, with larger buildings permitted in association with Camp Rangi Woods located in the Totara Reserve Outstanding Natural Feature.
  • Require a resource consent application to be made for the following activities:
    • Erecting infrastructure associated with large-scale Renewable Energy Generation located within Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes or within 1.5km of these areas.
    • Extraction activities within any Outstanding Natural Feature or Landscape.
    • New farming activities in Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes with the exception of Rangitikei River Outstanding Natural Landscape.
    • Earthworks greater than 30m2 in area or that change the existing ground level by more than 1.5m

What areas are affected by the changes?

The map in Figure 1 shows the following areas that have been identified as outstanding or significant amenity natural features and landscapes. These areas will be mapped on the District Plan Maps.

Want to know more?

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