District Plan Review - Draft Plan Change 53

Coastal Environment

The Manawatu District features 12km of coast adjoining the Tasman Sea. Preservation and protection of the coastal environment is a matter of national importance.

What has been done?

We consulted on coastal issues and options in May-July 2015. We commissioned experts in landscape architecture, ecology and geomorphology who identified two areas that contribute to the natural character of the coastal environment and that need to be protected:

An Active Dune area - where coastal systems and processes actively shape the natural character of the coastal environment. This includes the coastal foredunes, the Rangitikei River estuary and the inlets of the Pukepuke and Kaikokupu Streams.

A Relic Dune area – which comprises dune landforms, dune lakes and wetlands, formed through coastal processes over the past 6500 years and have migrated to their current locations over thousands of years. The area is used for pastoral farming and forestry but the natural dune forms remain largely unmodified.

It is important we recognise the dune field has significance beyond the District boundary.

What are the proposed changes?

An Active Coast Zone and a Relic Dune Overlay will be added in the District Plan.

New resource management objectives and policies will be introduced to:

  • Preserve the natural character of the coastal environment from the effects of inappropriate subdivision, use and development
  • Maintain and enhance safe public access to and along the coast

The Active Coast Zone. Within this zone there are areas of moderate, high and very high natural character. In order to protect these areas, some rules are proposed for the District Plan to:

  • Control the buildings, structures and activities that can occur
  • Control the removal of indigenous vegetation
  • Allow passive recreation use
  • Allow dwellings, accessory buildings and community facilities such as the surf club to remain in the area identified to have moderate natural character
  • Require a resource consent application for any earthworks occurring in this Zone

The Relic Dune Overlay sits over the Rural Zoning of this land. It recognises farming activities including agriculture and production forestry generally have few adverse effects on the area’s natural character. Earthworks such as flattening and contouring of the dunes have the potential to have adverse effects on the natural character of this area. In order to protect these area, rules are proposed for the District Plan to:

  • Require a resource consent for earthworks that exceed 500m3 in any 12-month period.

What areas are affected by the changes?

The map in Figure 1 illustrates both the Active Coast Zone and the Relic Dune Overlay areas.

Want to know more?

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