District Plan Review

District-Wide Rules

This part of the sectional review covers the provisions that apply to all zones in the District (Draft Plan Change 55: District-Wide Rules). This plan change involves updating rules which apply to the following activities and consolidating them into one chapter in the District Plan for easy reference.

  • Network Utilities
  • Transport
  • Noise
  • Earthworks
  • Signs
  • Temporary Activities
  • Relocated Buildings

The changes include minor amendments to the issues, objectives and assessment criteria to provide greater clarity and the removal of duplicated provisions throughout the District Plan.

What are the proposed changes

The following is a summary of the changes

  • The creation of a new Chapter called District-wide Rules. The new chapter includes updates to the existing provisions within the General Rules in Section Rule 2A, and consolidates a number of provisions which are currently duplicated throughout the District Plan into one, standalone chapter
  • Consequential changes are proposed to Chapter 2 Definitions and Appendices

Network Utilities

  • Minor changes to update provisions and to ensure consistency with the approach of the Manawatu District Plan Review
  • Amendments to the applying to Network Utility activities to appropriately accommodate changes from the Feilding Growth Plan Change (Plan Change 45) and requests from Transpower in relation to their transmission corridors and associated planning controls


  • New policies related to transport, roading and access to provide more policy guidance
  • New Objectives and Policies related to Roading Hierarchy and associated elevation of the status of the Roading Hierarchy from simply a reference in an Explanation
  • New provisions relating to access, traffic generation and corridor management and updates to the parking standards
  • Amendments to the level crossing standards for road/rail associated with updated information by KiwiRail


  • New policies to provide more policy guidance
  • Changes to the planning approach for measuring sound emissions and incorporation of NZS 6801:2008 Acoustics – Measurement of Environmental Sound
  • Clarification of the rules relating to activities that have been excluded from the noise standards, in particular aircraft, trains, crowd noise on land zoned for recreation


  • Changes to the overall planning approach for earthworks, with a focus on residential land and new growth areas. [Earthworks in the Rural Zone and Flood Channel 1 and 2 zones are not part of this Plan Change]
  • Introduction of thresholds for earthworks and associated Performance Standards to clarify earthworks that are permitted and those requiring resource consent


  • Consolidation and amendments to the rules applying to signage in the District
  • Retention of the current planning approach to avoid the proliferation of signs in the District and amendments to tighten rules for temporary signs

Temporary Activities

  • Retention of the current provisions applying to temporary activities to recognise and the social, cultural and economic values of these activities and the contribution to the vibrancy of Manawatu District

Relocated Buildings

  • Changes to the resource management issues to provide greater clarity on the issues associated with relocated buildings within the Manawatu District
  • The retention of the Controlled Activity status for consenting relocated buildings

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