District Plan Review


This part of the sectional review is Designations (Plan Change 60). This plan change involves updating the Designations Schedule in Appendix 7A to give effect to the changes sought by Requiring Authorities. The changes include the removal of designations no longer used, alteration of existing designations and the addition of new designations.

A requiring authority means a:

  • Minister of the Crown
  • Local Authority, or
  • An approved Network Utility Operator

Designations allow land to be secured for public works or other projects and facilitate the establishment of what are often necessary or essential services.

When land is designated in the District Plan, the Requiring Authority can carry out the intended works without the need to obtain any further approvals under the District Plan.

All designated land has an underlining zoning and this zoning applies where a designation is removed or for works which are not in accordance with the designation. All designated land is identified in the District Plan.

Designations restrict other activities from operating on the site and allow the works to operate outside the District Plan rules. The designations are shown as yellow on the District Plan maps and listed in Appendix 7A of the District Plan.

What are the proposed changes?

  • Plan Change 60 does not propose any new objectives, polices or rules for the designation topic.
  • Plan Change 60 provides for new and existing designations to ensure the efficient functioning and operation of public works and network utilities in the Manawatu District.
  • To include necessary designation information in the District Plan for landowner certainty and understanding of the land use implications of the designated purpose.
  • The changes are necessary to ensure the current designations in the District Plan are still required and referenced in the most appropriate and up-to-date manner as part of the Sectional District Plan Review.
  • Council invited Requiring Authorities to roll-over, modify, include or remove designations as part of this plan change. Appendix 7A has been amended to reflect these changes.
  • Appendix 7 identifies land in the District which is designated, including those Requiring Authorities responsible for the designations, and the purpose of the designations. All designations are identified on the District Planning Maps and are labelled to correspond with their entry in Appendix 7.

Want to know more?

Click here to download the full chapter of the relevant Draft District Plan with proposed changes (130KB pdf)

To discuss how the Draft Plan Change 60 might affect you, contact either Principal Planning Adviser Wendy Thompson, or Senior Policy Planner Cynthia Ward, - phone: (06) 323 0000.

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