District Plan Review - Further Submissions

Industrial Zone

This part of the sectional review is the Industrial Zone (Proposed Plan Change 52). This plan change is notified under Clause 7, First Schedule to the Resource Management Act 1991 and is the next step towards developing new land use and subdivision controls in the Industrial Zone.

What are the proposed changes?

Proposed Plan Change 52 reviews the Industrial Zone provisions and proposes the rezoning of 15.6 hectares of Rural land to Industrial along Turners Road within the Kawakawa Industrial Park. Further changes include:

  • New Objectives and Policies for the Industrial Zone
  • New requirements and standards to ensure a high quality industrial area and the protection of the amenity values of surrounding rural and urban areas through setbacks and landscaping
  • Rules to facilitate well-designed, integrated and sustainable industrial development and expansion of the Feilding industrial area at Turners Road
  • Modifications to existing rules to include new road side planting rules and new car parking requirements
  • A Structure Plan for the Kawakawa Industrial Park
  • Retain the existing Industrial Zoning at Rongotea Village
  • Consequential changes to Chapter 2 - Definitions and Rule C – Subdivision.

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