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District-Wide Rules

This part of the sectional review covers the provisions that apply to all zones in the District (Proposed Plan Change 55: District-Wide Rules). This plan change is notified under Clause 7, First Schedule to the Resource Management Act 1991 and reviews the current District Plan provisions relating to network utilities, transport, noise, signs, temporary activities and relocated buildings and introduces new provisions relating to earthworks.

What are the proposed changes?

The changes include amendments to the issues, objectives, policies and assessment criteria to provide greater clarity and the removal of duplicated provisions throughout the District Plan. It is proposed that these provisions are grouped together into one, new District Plan chapter called District-Wide Rules with consequential amendments being made to the entire District Plan. Further changes include:

  • New requirements and standards for network utilities and explicit recognition of infrastructure of regional and national importance in the objective and policy framework and methods
  • Modifications to existing carparking requirements including the re-introduction of Appendix 3B. 6 Parking Central Feilding and additional provisions on streetscape
  • Revised noise standards to include new environmental thresholds for Zones including the introduction of an evening shoulder period for most zones
  • New provisions for earthworks including restrictions on volumes and clarification of the requirements for earthworks in the case where earthworks are not part of an activity otherwise permitted
  • Revised provision and new objectives and policies, including restrictions on the number of signs for a site and their locations on-site
  • New provisions for temporary signs
  • Revised provisions for Temporary Activities to recognise temporary buildings and structures
  • Modifications to the existing Controlled Activity rules for relocated buildings to improve clarity and the inclusion of a non-notification clause for Controlled Activities consents
  • Changes to Chapter 2 (Definitions) to reflect the new terms used in the Chapter and to reflect provisions in National Policy Statements and National Environmental Standards
  • Deletion of Chapter 1 of the operative District Plan which is no longer required. Plan Change 46 – Feilding Town Centre included a new introduction section for the District Plan; therefore the existing Chapter 1 is no longer required
  • Consequential changes to cross referencing throughout the plan and some deletions as a result of the new proposed chapter.

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