District Plan Review - Further Submissions


This part of the sectional review is Designations (Proposed Plan Change 60). This plan change is notified under Clause 7, First Schedule to the Resource Management Act 1991 and involves updating the Designations Schedule in Appendix 7A to give effect to the changes sought by Requiring Authorities as part of review of the District Plan and the introduction of a new Designations chapter which consolidates designation information into one chapter called Chapter 9.

What are the proposed changes?

The plan changes rolls over many existing designations in the District Plan and proposes changes including the removal of designations which are no longer required, modification of existing designations, and the addition of new designations. The new designations are:

  • Manawatu District Council - Newbury Line bore, Awa Street Pump Station and Treatment Plant, Campbell Road bore, Rongotea Water Treatment Plant, Himatangi Beach Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Ministry of Education – Hato Paora College and St Joseph’s

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To discuss how the Proposed Plan Change 60 might affect you, contact Principal Planning Adviser Wendy Thompson - - phone: (06) 323 0000.

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