District Bylaw Review 2019

Public Facilities Bylaw

The purpose of this bylaw is to ensure the full and proper use and enjoyment of any swimming pool and library in the control of Council through effective and safe management of such facilities. The bylaw currently applies to the Makino Aquatic Centre and Feilding Public Library. However, Council is considering expanding the scope of the bylaw through the review to also include satellite libraries, Council-funded community pools, halls that are owned by Council, recreation facilities owned by Council and public toilets. The key change will be making these facilities subject to general restrictions around behaviour and nuisance.

Click here to download the existing Public Facilities (Swimming Pools and Library) Bylaw 2014 (800KB pdf)

Feedback closed on 20 March 2019.

Council will also be consulting with targeted stakeholders (such as groups that lease public halls) about the proposed change to the scope of this bylaw to include satellite libraries, Council-funded community pools, public halls owned by Council, and public toilets.

There will be a further opportunity to provide feedback when the proposed bylaw is publically notified later this year. Check this website or register your interest at the bottom of this page to receive updates.