District Bylaw Review 2019

What is a Bylaw?

Bylaws are rules made by Council under the Local Government Act 2002. They are created for the purpose of:

  • Protecting the public from nuisance;
  • Protecting, promoting, and maintaining public health and safety; and
  • Minimising the potential for offensive behaviour in public places.

Why are the bylaws being reviewed?

The Act requires a bylaw is reviewed within five years of it being made. It is automatically revoked two years after the late date on which the bylaw should have been reviewed.

What bylaws are being reviewed?

The Manawatu District Council is reviewing all 14 of its current bylaws this year. This pre-consultation asks questions relating to six of the current bylaws. However, you are welcome to give feedback on any of the bylaws.

Click the images below to view more information and give us your thoughts on each bylaw. Click here for more information about the other bylaws.

Where are we at in the review?

Council is now at the pre-consultation phase of the bylaw review which runs from 20 February to 20 March 2019.

The feedback received in this phase will inform the drafting of the proposed bylaws.

Meetings with key stakeholders will be held throughout the review up until the bylaws are publically notified later this year.

Want to tell us your views?

You have until 20 March 2019 to respond to the feedback questions. You can also register your interest using the form below to receive updates throughout the review. While there are some bylaws that Council is not yet seeking feedback on, you are still welcome to suggest changes to any of the current bylaws.

Formal consultation will follow from 7 June - 8 August 2019 for the combined Drainage and Trade Waste Bylaw, and from 8 July 2019 - 8 August 2019 for the other bylaws.

A hearing will be held for those wanting to present their views in August. This hearing may span one or more days, depending on the number of submissions received. Submitters will be notified of the hearing date(s) following the close of submissions.

Council is looking to adopt the revised bylaws on the 19th of September 2019.

Want to be kept informed?

Which bylaws would you like to be kept informed about: