Annual Plan 2017/18 - Have Your Say

We welcome you to read our Draft Annual Plan Consultation Document. This document outlines changes from the 2015-25 Long Term Plan. These changes are proposals and Council would like to hear your opinion before making final decisions. The changes include:

  • Increase funding for the Roading Programme, District Plan Review, Community Planning, Community Development, Water Supply and Wastewater Programmes.
  • Proceed with the development of Council Place Carpark and Feilding Waste Water Treatment Plant upgrade programme.
  • Close the Aviaries at Kowhai Park.
  • Delay the construction of the Feilding to Palmerston North Cycleway, Bowen Street Upgrade, Resource Recovery Centre, Feilding Public Library Refurbishment, Sanson Playground, Timona Park Public Toilets, Halcombe Water Treatment Plant and Water Supply Infrastructure upgrades.
  • Reallocate funding from the Feilding Waste Water Treatment Plant upgrade programme.
  • Reduce funding to Emergency Management (due to Central Government changes).
  • Not proceed with the water consent renewal for the water supply at Sanson (as a new alternative water supply system is being developed).
  • Increasing rates by 3.6% which is less than the 4.5% forecast in the Long Term Plan.

The Council is conscious of the need to keep rates rises affordable and competitive. Are you satisfied the proposed level of rates represents good value for money compared to the other commodities you pay for? We look forward to hearing from you.

For further financial information please refer to the Supporting Information.

Annual Plan & Long Term Plan

The Long Term Plan and the Annual Plan are related documents. The Long Term Plan outlines the Council’s work programme and budgets for ten years 2015-25. Whereas the Annual Plan is prepared annually on the basis of the agreed Long Term Plan for that particular year.

This Annual Plan represents year 3 of the Long Term Plan 2015-25. It is prudent that we review projects and propose changes if necessary. This Annual Plan focuses on the differences from what was agreed to in the Long Term Plan.

Council must consult with the community on changes it considers significant or material from what was proposed in the Long Term Plan. This might include:

  • New spending on significant projects
  • Delays or abandonment of projects

It is important to note that the Annual Plan is not intended to revisit all of the decisions made in the Long Term Plan.

The development of the next Long Term Plan is underway and will come into effect July 2018.

Average Rate vs Your Actual Rate

Manawatu District Council is proposing a district wide rate increase of 3.6% for 2017/18.

This figure is a pre-consultation estimate of the amount of rates funding we need from the whole district to provide the range of services and work programmed for this year. After consultation, this average may change. Your individual rate demand will vary from the average percentage increase. This may be because of the changes to your capital valuation as a result of the district wide revaluation carried out in August 2016 or the services you receive. Your rates bill may vary from that of your neighbours or in those of different past of the district. To find out what your rates will be, go to the MDC website and search for your property.

Document Downloads

  • Click here to download the Consultation Document (3.2MB pdf)
  • Click here to download the Supporting Information (2.4MB pdf)

Submissions closed on Friday, 28 April 2017