Annual Plan 2016/17 - Have Your Say

Variations for you to know about

Our Long Term Plan sets out the plans and work priorities for the next ten years, but sometimes plans need to change. We need to inform you of the variations we have identified in our draft Annual Plan, so you have the option to make any comments about the proposed changes before the plan is finalised. We want to hear from you!

Himatangi Beach Community Centre

Himatangi Beach is a popular recreation destination. While it is possible to drive onto the beach not everyone is comfortable doing this or has a vehicle suited to driving on the sand. The Council is proposing to reseal the carpark area, making it easier to park and walk down onto the beach.  The project has been budgeted at a cost of $20,000 and will increase rates.

Himatangi Beach and Tangimoana stormwater

The June 2015 storm event caused flooding and stormwater ponding across the Manawatu District, including the communities of Himatangi Beach and Tangimoana. These communities have minimal Council-owned stormwater infrastructure.

In response to the storm event, Council has looked at the scale of options conceptually required to mitigate stormwater ponding in the key problem areas in Himatangi Beach and Tangimoana. These may include additional stormwater pipes, drains and increased pump capacity to manage water away from the houses and property. Other options include investigating the viability of restoring privately-owned legacy drains.

This information has been presented to the community committees, for consideration and for the committees to signal their preferred course of action via annual plan submission. This project will have a considerable cost with current estimations of $1 million for Tangimoana and $500,000 for Himatangi Beach.

Submissions by the community committees will assist with identifying the possible scope and eventual cost of stormwater work undertaken over the next few years and the implications on rates.

Johnston Park

Johnston Park boundary fencing has been identified as needing renewal.  Investigation has shown the work required is less than what was initially anticipated resulting in a saving of $21,500. There will be no effect on rates as this project was originally funded from depreciation and savings will be returned to depreciation funds.

Council EDM

The Council has a responsibility to manage information on a wide range of topics including property, assets and community services. There are literally thousands of paper and electronic files. An electronic document management (EDM) system will enable Council to better manage this information.

This project was planned to go ahead in 2015/16, however more time is required to enable further investigation and planning. It is proposed the project and associated funding of $615,000 be carried forward to 2016/17. As the funding is already in budget there will be no effect on rates.


The Country Road initiative promoting the beauty of Manawatu has been a fantastic success opening up the picturesque northern part of our district to increased tourism. Continuing this theme of increasing access and making driving through the district a more pleasant experience, an additional portion of Makoura Road will be sealed. The Council already had some funding in the budget for sealing of unsealed roads. While existing funding will be used for this project, additional funding is required. It is proposed that the funding be increased by an additional $30,000 taking the total budget from $120,000 to $150,000.

To enable further growth in the Feilding industrial area, additional funding of $500,000 is required for Stage II works involving the further development of Turner’s Road extension, opening up more land for industrial development.

These changes will be funded from the Roading Separate Fund and from Development Contributions. There will be not be any increase to rates as a result of these changes.

Feilding water supply

Feilding’s reservoir at Almadale and the trunk water main into town have performed well since their construction in the 1960’s, however, they are nearing the end of their useful lives and are in need of replacement. In the Long Term Plan we committed funds to renew and or replace these strategic assets in 2016/17.

However, detailed investigation has now shown that due to the age and condition of the trunk main the asset cannot be revitalised using lining technology as initially planned. The revised plan is to renew the worst section at a cost of $100,000 while a full assessment of replacement options are considered. Council had budgeted $508,500 for this project in 2016/17 but is proposing to carry forward the remaining $408,500 to 2017/18. Work will continue when the replacement options are decided.

A water plan is in development for the Almadale Water Treatment Plant. The plan will take into consideration future capacity and storage of the plant. While some work will begin to ensure the continuity of supply, the significant anticipated work has been deferred until the plan is completed. As a result it is proposed that the planned expenditure of $1.4m be carried forward to 2017/18. There will be not be any increase to rates as a result of these changes.

Sanson water supply subsidy

Sanson village primarily obtains its water from rainwater collection supplemented by a restricted supply Council scheme.

The current scheme has severe limitations with frequent summer supply problems resulting in water being tankered from Feilding.

Council has been successful in obtaining a Ministry of Health subsidy to develop a new water supply in Sanson. This plant will enable Council to provide Sanson residents with a continuous supply of safe drinking water that meets new drinking water standards. The total cost of the project is $950,000.

The Ministry of Health is providing a subsidy of $665,000 to create a reservoir and bore that will provide a sustainable clean water supply. Council will be required to provide the remaining balance of $285,000. Council’s contribution will be used to build the treatment plant. Council is proposing to redirect the funding already in the budget for the renewal of water supply pipes in Sanson towards the Water Treatment Plant costs. Although this is a new project there will be no increase to rates in 2016/17.

Infrastructure Shared Services

Recent changes to the Local Government Act clearly outline increased expectations that Councils will collaborate to deliver services in the most efficient and cost effective way for residents. Manawatu District Council has a long history of positive working relationships with neighbouring Councils using shared services arrangements to deliver core infrastructure, animal control, rural fire, emergency management and building control services. We continually seek opportunities to collaborate across the wider Manawatu region.

Council has worked in partnership with Rangitikei District Council for many years. Over the past 12 months we been investigating the best way of continuing to jointly provide infrastructure services. One possibility may be that the Councils join infrastructure services and operate these together, another could be to involve additional Councils in such a service delivery model.

Although the Manawatu District Council is not proposing any change to the level of service residents experience, bringing together significant parts of different Councils businesses requires much thought and consideration. To enable further investigation and community consultation to be carried out, Manawatu District Council has included $150,000 in the 2016/17 budget. This is new expenditure and increases rates.

Further professional development for Elected Members

Your elected members are required to make wise, informed and intelligent decisions on your behalf for the benefit of the community and district. The Local Government Act 2002 and numerous other statutes all provide guidance and sets out processes. There are a range of seminars and courses available from Local Government New Zealand and other agencies for elected members. Historically there has been limited funding available to take advantage of these opportunities. To further assist elected members in their decision making and performance of their roles, it is proposed to include $20,000 in the 2016/17 budget for professional development. This is new expenditure and increases rates.

How to have your say

We welcome your submission between now and 4pm Friday, 29 April 2016.

There are two ways to provide submissions depending on what suits you.

All feedback received will help Councillors make informed decisions on the Annual Plan for 2016/17.

You can speak to the council about your submission at the public hearings.

Final decisions will be published on the Council’s website after the Annual Plan is adopted on 23 June.

We are also holding meetings in your community

  • Thursday 31 March 7 - 8pm Rongotea, Te Kawau Memorial Recreation Centre
  • Monday 11 April 7 - 8pm Kimbolton, Kimbolton Hall
  • Tuesday 12 April 6 - 7pm Nga Manu Taiko, District Council Building
  • Wednesday 20 April 7 - 8pm Feilding, District Council Building

Come along and tell the Councillors what you think.