Annual Plan 2016/17 - Have Your Say

How will my rates be used?

    Feilding Resident
Based on a property with a
Capital Value of $270,000
  Rural Resident
Based on a property with a
Capital Value of $755,000
without services
(Total annual)
  $2,997.00   $1,840.00
(Total per week)
  $57.63 per week   $35.36 per week
$8.20 per week
$12.80 per week
$2.04 per week
  Solid Waste
$3.98 per week
$1.62 per week
$7.37 per week
$11.83 per week
  Environmental Services
$3.03 per week
$3.02 per week
  Governance & Strategy
$3.55 per week
$3.55 per week
$0.47 per week
$0.47 per week
  Civil Defence
$0.31 per week
$0.31 per week
  Animal Control
$0.28 per week
$0.28 per week
  Halls & Recreation Complexes
$0.69 per week
$0.69 per week
  Library & Makino
$5.12 per week
$3.63 per week
  Parks & Reserves
$3.56 per week
$3.06 per week
  Public Conveniences
$0.59 per week
$0.59 per week
$5.64 per week
$6.31 per week

How to have your say

We welcome your submission between now and 4pm Friday, 29 April 2016.

There are two ways to provide submissions depending on what suits you.

All feedback received will help Councillors make informed decisions on the Annual Plan for 2016/17.

You can speak to the council about your submission at the public hearings.

Final decisions will be published on the Council’s website after the Annual Plan is adopted on 23 June.

We are also holding meetings in your community

  • Thursday 31 March 7 - 8pm Rongotea, Te Kawau Memorial Recreation Centre
  • Monday 11 April 7 - 8pm Kimbolton, Kimbolton Hall
  • Tuesday 12 April 6 - 7pm Nga Manu Taiko, District Council Building
  • Wednesday 20 April 7 - 8pm Feilding, District Council Building

Come along and tell the Councillors what you think.